Charred Romaine Hearts with Southwest Cranberry Ranch

Short description:

This twist on the wedge features hearts of romaine halved and quickly grilled and topped with chopped salami, pepperoni, pepperocinis, chopped provolone, cherry tomatoes and pickled red onions drizzled with a Southwest Cranberry Ranch Dressing and chopped dill. Segment: Traditional Casual, Upscale Casual, B&I, Hotels


Romaine, halved, grilled                                                           1head

Provolone Cheese, diced                                                           2 T

Pickled Red Onions                                                                   2 T

Salami, diced                                                                          1 ½ T

Pepperoni, diced                                                                      1 ½ T

Pepperoncini, chopped                                                              1 T

Fresh Dill, picked                                                                      1 T      

Southwest Cranberry Ranch Dressing, 'recipe below'                       4 T


  1. Drizzle the Southwest Cranberry Ranch Dressing over the grilled romaine. Sprinkle all remaining ingredients over the romaine. Garnish with fresh dill.

 Southwest Cranberry Ranch Dressing:

Ranch Dressing                                                                      3/4 cup

Ocean Spray® Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce                               ¼ cup

Mesquite BBQ Rub                                                                   2 tsp


Method of Preparation

  1. For the Southwest Cranberry Ranch Dressing, mix all ingredients to combine. Whisk well. Reserve.



Best made with:
Ocean Spray® Wholeberry Cranberry Sauce
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