Farro and Barley Salad with Pickled Radishes and Feta Cheese-20 servings

Short description:

This sweet and savory salad features tender farro and barley grains mixed with thinly shaved pickled radishes, chopped green olives, chopped red onion, fresh parsley, cherry tomatoes, Ocean Spray® Dried Cranberries and feta cheese tossed in a Greek Cranberry Vinaigrette Segment: Traditional Casual, Upscale Casual, B&I, Hotels


Farro, cooked                                                                        2 ½ Qt

Barley, cooked                                                                       5 Qt

Pickled Red Radish                                                                   5 cups

Green Olives, chopped                                                              2 ½ cups

Red Onion, rinsed and sliced                                                      1 ¼ cup

Parsley                                                                                  1 ¼ cup

Cherry Tomato, quartered                                                          60 each

Ocean Spray® Dried Cranberries                                                  3 ¾ cups

Diced Feta                                                                               3 ¾ #

Greek-Cranberry Vinaigrette, 'recipe below'                                     7 ½ cups


  1. In a large bowl combine all ingredients with vinaigrette and toss until combined and evenly coated.
  2.  Serve immediately.

 Bulk Ocean Spray Greek Cranberry Vinaigrette                    

Oregano, chopped                                                                   6 T

Red Wine Vinegar                                                                    3 cups

Ocean Spray® Cranberry Juice                                                  3 cups

Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped                                                        ¾ cup

Granulated Garlic                                                                     3 T

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper                                                       1 T

Kosher Salt                                                                             1 ½ tsp

Vegetable Oil                                                                           1 ½ cup

 Method of Preparation

  1. In a large bowl combine all ingredients, except for oil and whisk until combined.
  2. Slowly drizzle in oil until emulsified
  3. Reserve until ready to use 



Best made with:
Ocean Spray® Dried Cranberries
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