Ginger and Red Onion Relish with Blueberry BerryFusions

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Blueberry BerryFusions offer sweetness to this bright red onion and ginger relish made with sherry and rice vinegar perfect on top of a number of meats and dishes.


Red Onion, fresh, diced                                         2 cups

Canola Oil                                                             2 teaspoons

Ocean Spray® Blueberry BerryFusions               1/3 cup

Sugar, granulated                                                    ¾ cup

Sherry, cooking wine                                              ¼ cup

Rice Vinegar, unseasoned                                       2 tablespoons

Ginger, fresh, chopped                                           1 ½ tablespoons

Salt, table                                                                ½ teaspoon


1.      In a saucepot add diced red onion and canola oil.

2.      Put pot on the range and sweat the onions under medium heat until they start to turn transluscent.

3.      Add Blueberry BerryFusions, sugar, sherry, vinegar, ginger and salt to the onions.

4.      Under high heat bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer.

5.      Continue cooking until cooking liquid is reduced to a glaze or 1/3 of the liquid’s original volume.

6.      Turn off heat and cool down.

Store in refrigerator


3 cups serving - size 1 tablespoon

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